Three fundamentals that structure the Infosys-Perfecto partnership

Infosys and Perfecto Mobile have entered into a partnership — one that focuses on providing unique customer experience by addressing the need for customer-centric quality assurance. In this video, leaders from Infosys and Perfecto Mobile speak about the three focus areas of this partnership — time-to-market, quality, and digital customer experience.

To begin with, Roy Nuriel, Deputy Chief Technology Officer, Perfecto Mobile; builds a case for automation as the key to achieving tangible performance for clients across three focus areas — time-to-market, quality, and digital customer experience.

Next, Pradeep Yadlapati, AVP – Head Marketing, Alliances – Infosys Validation Solutions (IVS); goes on to highlight the need for businesses to gain agility in order to win over digital barriers. He explains that while Perfecto provides top-class cloud and lab capabilities, Infosys complements these assets with its expertise to test on multiple devices.

At the same time, Shani Shoham, Alliances, Perfecto Mobile; details facts to illustrate the partnership’s commitment to deliver tangible results. He recalls how the alliance worked with a financial institution to increase the frequency of releases, while ensuring top quality. He explains that together, Infosys and Perfecto Mobile, automated over 1000 scripts which brought down time and money requirements for the client.

Finally, Shishank Gupta, AVP and Delivery Head – IVS, details each focus area separately to explain how the individual capabilities of Perfecto and Infosys complement each other to create a valuable differentiation. He highlights Infosys Customer Sentiments Analytics and Web Automation Framework and explains how they complement Perfecto’s capabilities.