Integrated Software Testing to Address Cyber Threats


With the continuous evolution of technology, cyber threats loom larger than ever. This poses significant risks across legal, financial and brand reputation. To quell this risk, organizations are looking at integrated software testing as a possible solution that includes security assurance by QA teams. Find out more about this approach in an article by Infosys testing expert Vedachalam Mahadevan in eForensics Magazine.

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Vedachalam Mahadevan

Vedachalam Mahadevan, Group Test Manager, Retail, Infosys

Vedachalam is Group Test Manager for the Retail unit and has 15 years of industry experience. He has over 8 years of expertise in the QA / Testing domain and manages testing engagements for clients in retail, CPG, logistics and life sciences. He is adept in handling security testing needs for clients in retail and life sciences. Vedachalam can be reached at

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