Infosys enables Prime Therapeutics to optimize effort and reduce cost

Prime Therapeutics manages the coverage of medicines through health plans, employers, and government programs. Their rapid growth entailed the need to stay agile, attract the right talent, and manage rapid business growth of 30% each year. The company also wanted to reduce the number of vendors from seven to one.

As a result, Prime Therapeutics turned to Infosys for support in the area of quality assurance and testing. They then went on to harness an expanding set of solutions from Infosys. In this video, Doug Ableidinger, Senior Director, Application Development, Prime Therapeutics, explains how they were able to reduce vendor engagement to just one. He also explains how his organization leveraged Infosys to access skilled talent and build a knowledge base for legacy modernization and new technologies.

Doug believes that this partnership between Prime Therapeutics and Infosys is viewed as a successful model across the organization. This has led other business units at Prime Therapeutics to consider harnessing the expertise of Infosys as well.