Infosys Digital Assurance Solution helps clients:

  • Engage their end customer by providing seamless customer experience across channels and features
  • Integrate business processes across technologies for optimal cost and increased leverage
  • Accelerate IT life cycle for faster time to market

Undergoing digital transformation?


How Infosys Digital Assurance solution helps enterprises:

Infosys Digital Assurance solution helps enterprises address the multifaceted needs of digital testing by conducting comprehensive testing across your digital value chain and the entire digital ecosystem. Our proprietary solution draws on our vast experience in the digital domain and leverages our value-adding elements such as reusable test assets, AI-based in-house suite of testing tools and accelerators.


Challenges & Solutions

Infosys Digital Assurance solution elevates customer experience through its customer experience validation tools that validate parameters of usability, accessibility, security, performance and social engagement. It also draws real user sentiments from social forums into QA strategy.

Integrated business assurance and analytic driven approach ensures zero downtime and minimal operations risk.

Engineering-led QA and life cycle automation ensures agility. AI and ML techniques of failure prediction, risk profiling, traceability and defect avoidance brings predictability to testing.