Infosys IoT Test Service offering provides end-to-end validation services for testing IoT implementations including functional validation, device simulation, load testing, API testing, service virtualization, test automation and security verification.

Infosys IoT framework is built to be easily integrated with various IoT protocols and platforms, thus providing interoperability.

Looking for a validation solution for IoT?


How Infosys Network Simulation Tool helps enterprises:

Our in-house network variability testing tool can be used to recreate real-world network scenarios in a test environment. We have integrated this tool with Jmeter to simulate different network conditions required by IoT.


Challenges & Solutions

Infosys device virtualization, asset simulation tools support multiple protocols and IoT platforms. Infosys Extreme automation solution helps in testing all possible combinations of sensors and devices.

Infosys device virtualization framework and network simulator solution help in simulating real-life scenarios.

Infosys API testing and service virtualization solutions provide ability to virtualize any IoT service, reduce dependencies and improve test coverage.

Infosys IoT security assurance framework is based on OWASP top 10 IoT risks and addresses end-to-end security testing.

Infosys Customer Experience Index and Customer Sentiment Analysis solutions provide consistent customer experience across device, web and mobile channels and also help in identifying key areas of testing based on customer comments on social media platforms.