An AI-based cloud-enabled “Intelligent” assurance workbench that provides end-to-end testing services capabilities for digital enterprises and technologies.

Integrated into this workbench, AI-led QA suite is an in-house developed machine learning platform that helps in multiple phases of SLTC leading to more efficient execution and reduced effort

Looking for intelligent end-to-end testing solution?


How Infosys Quality Assurance workbench helps enterprises:

  • Flexible for Agile / Waterfall / DevOps models
  • In-built data mining for analytics
  • Brings predictability to testing
  • Scripted and script-less automation across technologies
  • In-built knowledge base of business and test assets

Challenges & Solutions

Core automation engine: It comprises of CI/CD engine for test orchestration, automation accelerators for functional and non-functional testing.

Analytics Engine: It leverages the power of predictive analytics and machine learning to derive insights from real time project data.

Service delivery and request management: It provides integrated, workflow based demand management capabilities from project initiation, demand forecasting, estimations and tracking.

Reporting and dashboards: Reporting solution for real-time tracking of performance across QA organization and strategic metrics for improved decision making.