Our end-to-end test automation services enable you to define and build enterprise test automation frameworks, implement test automation frameworks, migrate test automation tools and script automated test scripts.

Infosys Enterprise Test Automation Framework combines multiple automation components like Modelers, Engines, Libraries and Adapters to provide end-to-end test automation.

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How Infosys Test Automation Accelerator solution helps enterprises:

Infosys Test Automation Accelerator solution helps clients achieve early automation and enables end-to-end test automation of applications spanning multiple technologies and tools (HPs quick test, IBM rational etc.). It allows frequent releases of applications by reducing the maintenance effort without compromising on the quality of testing.


Challenges & Solutions

Using Infosys Test Automation Accelerator, on confirmation of test requirements, test automation can be conducted concurrently with preparation of manual test cases

DevOps automation – continuous integration of progressive test cases and automated execution

Leveraging pre-built frameworks, thus reducing initial investment and advancing the realization of returns