Inside Stories

Intensive Training

Odera Anthony Jr. Anene, Associate at Infosys

When I joined Infosys, I was made to go through intensive training for three months
(Side note: I studied economics without any reference to information technology).

At first, I was nervous because I did not know what to expect given my economic background.

Still, I quickly learned that training at Infosys would be one of the best educations I've ever received.

In just a short time, I was able to catch up with the knowledge of some amazing computer scientists at Infosys and also learnt to program as well to solve project-related IT problems.

However, I often noticed that I was facing a reality check. I noticed most of the time how much I lacked the basics and how much it seemed more complex than what actually was.

The training I received was pretty intense and fast-paced. It has helped me understand and apply project-oriented programming at a high level. It has shown me, for those who like working smart, Infosys' training is the way to go.

The first month after onboarding, I spent learning Python followed by SQL and Java. In the meantime, we had a highly intensive workshop for a week, where we were taught design thinking (Stanford verified), intercultural diversity and so on.

What I particularly noticed and liked was the cultural diversity in our group.

I love to work with people from different cultural backgrounds. It gives me the opportunity to get to know myself better and it gives me the opportunity to work in diverse groups. It's like discovering a whole new world as we experience the mental make-up cultural worlds of each other.

Infosys has done a great job promoting our intercultural sensitivity.

I can say one thing.

With Infosys, I have found a company that has invested in me as an employee and family. Infosys has taught me not to hang our heads ever in the face of rising complexity and always stay motivated to solve any given problem. This attitude has helped me overcome many problems and today I can tell the people who are looking for a rewarding career that Infosys is the place to be. To that effect, I also recommend reading this blog to find the right opportunities.

One must try to find a workplace that spends as much time, money and energy on our professional as well as personal development as Infosys does.