Do I know my value-conscious shopper? Can I influence shopper behavior? Join the discussion on transforming the in-store shopping experience.

Are you being served?

What will it take to get retailers and consumer products manufacturers embrace disruptive innovations, especially those that can help unravel the mind of today's value-conscious shopper?

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Curious George walks the aisle

A survey on Australian shopping habits revealed that shoppers were not only venturing to their local store more frequently, but were spending more time browsing in-store. How can retailers understand the shopaholic better?

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If you stock they will come

All investments in marketing plans, advertising campaigns, and trade promotions are worthless if the product isn’t there when the consumer reaches for it on the shelf. How do you address this problem?

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Me, myself and my shopping

A survey by Precima reveals that 89 percent of shoppers continue to remain loyal to their neighborhood grocery store of choice and as many as 72 percent made fewer trips to buy groceries in the past six months. How can retailers engage shoppers innovatively?

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