being more personalized for every shopper

personalized,for every shopperClient: Aimia

loyalty is shaped with offers,but earned with analytics

30 million active customers. That's loyalty at scale. But can it afford to be impersonal? Aimia knows they can't. And with Infosys by their side, they are more than keeping pace with retail personalization – they are leading the way.

Every swipe is an opportunity for insight. And Aimia isn't one to balk at the volume of data produced by billions of transactions, because our Intelligent Shopper Solution trawls these transactions in a matter of minutes and arrives at insights on how to influence shopper behavior. From the very same platform, they can quickly create the right coupons and campaigns for every shopper – leading to moments of magic well before the moment of truth.

analyze this

50% of uk households


of uk households

are among Aimia's members, accounting 19 million active members part of Aimia's flagship Nectar program

120 million households

120 million


across the world on whom Aimia provides analytics for its various clients

150+ cpg companies


cpg companies

use Aimia's loyalty services – including US pharmacy CVS, Switzerland’s leading retailer Migros, and Australian retailer Coles

All information updated as on June 20th, 2016

the loyalty business, now the data business

If you're in retail, you need to think big. Like, big data big. Aimia's Simon Hawkes, SVP, Global Product Management; Fiachra Woodman - VP, Innovation; Phil Eames – Ex- COO, EMEAexplain why.

leave no transaction unturned

The Intelligent Shopper Solution uses a highly intuitive interface to deliver graphical reportsover the internet. As a result, lead time for reports is cut from hours or days to minutes. For example, Sainsbury’s can query data and get a report in less than three minutes.

leave no transaction unturned

22 billion transaction records

over a two-year period were analyzed for Sainsbury's alone - a staggering 30 million records each night

All information updated as on June 20th, 2016

the art of getting personalin an impersonal world

Aimia's leaders explain how they can now craft delight with insight.

more than an offerthey can't refuse

With Brett Mackay, Director of Loyalty Technologies

analytics and the aisle

With John Harris, Global CTO

a tale of many markets

With Phil Eames, Chief Operating Officer

retail needs insight to survive, but reimagination to thrive

Check your preconceived notions at the turnstile. Then let design thinking do its magic. See what it did for Aimia with Jan-Pieter Lips, President of International Coalitions.

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