White Papers

The need for a product compliance management solution for the consumer electronics industry

With a breadth of regulations impacting the depth of bill of materials (BOM) in the case of products, manufacturers have to become smart in managing their product compliance information. Gone are the...


Supplier traceability and material declaration trends in the solutions provider landscape

At a time when organizations are coming under increasing scrutiny by regulatory authorities and other stakeholders, a thought leader at Infosys Sustainability Consulting practice examines...


Gearing Up for Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting in the UK

All companies in the UK will have to mandatorily report their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from April 2013. This legislation supports the various international initiatives in response to global...


Green Your IT – An Infosys Approach

There are several ways to improve green IT efficiency, and most organizations today are executing one or many steps towards this goal. But much of these initiatives towards energy efficiency tend...


Product Compliance - A Necessary Evil or an Opportunity?

Whether an organization manufactures or resells a product, the responsibility to comply makes the manufacturer and the reseller legally accountable. Product compliance is a constantly evolving...


GreenPLM: Going Green the PLM Way - Part 1

Organizations are adopting an eco-friendly approach to business and developing green products. Our experts propose green processes across the PLM (Product Lifecycle Development) lifecycle to reduce the environmental impact. Infosys' GreenPLM framework...