Live reactions to technology’s impact on society from the One With Digital Lab

The future is coming, but is it the future we want?

At Infosys, we believe the next wave of technologies have the power to bring humanity together like never before, but only if that power supports and enriches human needs and goals. For technology to be an enabling, unifying force, rather than a driver of disruption, we must first understand ourselves better. What excites and engages us, what worries and angers us? Gaining this insight is the mission of Infosys's One with Digital Lab.

We have identified four big issues at the heart of the current debate around technology's impact on society: digital democracy; the power of the new platform economy; a need for lifelong learning, and AI's impact on the workforce of the future.

Participant's real-time decisions and reactions drive the experience. Immersing themselves in content covering some of the most critical technological issues of the moment:

Can blockchain end world poverty? Would you trust a robot with your life? Is your digital behavior making you sick?

Employing ground-breaking emotion tracking and visualization technology, the One With Digital Lab will analyze facial expressions and the subtle nonverbal cues of participants to uncover how they feel about the changes and challenges presented by our increasingly data-driven, digital world.

Participants are encouraged to explore collections of stories that explore technological issues using a specially designed multitouch controller and state of the art 3D holographic display – the only ones of their kind currently in the Northern hemisphere.

Visit the One with Digital Lab and experience the future: Infosys @ The Escher Raumdesign, Promenade 115, 7270 Davos Platz (next to the Ameron Hotel)

The Lab will be open 23-25th January at the Infosys Hub in Davos.

At WEF 2018