Sustainability has been at the core of our business philosophy — predictability, sustainability, profitability, and de-risking (PSPD). This has been the underlying and overarching aspect of every business decision that we have made over the last three decades. We are also supported by effective governance, a strong risk management framework, and our core values that are the bedrock of our sustainability agenda.

Infosys Sustainability Report 2013-14 is published annually, and this is our seventh report. Our sustainability report provides an update on responsible business practices across social, environmental and economic parameters, and subscribes to the latest GRI G4 framework for the year 2013 – 14.

Our sustainability strategy forms the basis of running our business responsibly and successfully. We work with our internal and external stakeholders to define our sustainability strategy and goals. Our sustainability agenda focuses on three themes — social contract, resource intensity and green innovation, which are based on the foundation of our values, known in short as C-LIFE: Client value, leadership by example, integrity and transparency, fairness, and excellence.

Influencing sustainable growth 

Social contract

Enterprises have an extended set of stakeholders. These stakeholders have the potential to influence the future of business. These stakeholders also have ethical, social, and environmental expectations that extend beyond financial goals and legal requirements. We believe that these social covenants are fundamental to nurturing stakeholder trust and ensuring business continuity.


Resource intensity

In the face of accelerated depletion of natural resources, incremental increase in resource efficiencies are not sufficient, and beyond a point, optimization gets prohibitively expensive. Resource intensity is about doing far more with far less. We constantly look at transformational ways to de-intensify and achieve the same or better outcomes, using fewer resources.


Green innovation

Business imperatives such as environmental sustenance and resource conservation are providing new opportunities for enterprises to innovate and spur business growth. Green innovation for us is about addressing sustainability challenges through innovation, differentiation, driving efficiencies, and creating new avenues for a better and sustainable world around us.


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