Green Innovation

  • 95 percent improvement in enterprise storage performance from Dynamic Storage Tier technology deployment
  • Partnered with COMMIT to develop wearable computing technology
  • 25 percent improvement in agent productivity for a telecom client that deployed AssistEdge
  • Reduction in carbon footprint by optimizing the customer asset management process
  • Collaborated with Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) to create volunteering portal for India@75, India’s first national volunteering week
  • Developed a platform for a major US electrical utilities company to enable consumers to switch to renewable energy

Download the Infosys Sustainability Report 2013-14

Green innovation

Business imperatives such as environmental sustenance and resource conservation are providing new opportunities for enterprises to innovate and spur business growth. Green innovation for us is about addressing sustainability challenges through innovation, differentiation, driving efficiencies, and creating new avenues for a better and sustainable world around us.

Harnessing green innovation

Green innovation provides a sustainable transformational opportunity for our stakeholders and for us. It is an important area to differentiate and co-create with our stakeholders to drive internal and external innovations, capability building, and sustainable solutions.

A dedicated Green Initiatives team works on internal innovations, while we gauge the socio-environmental impact of our services and offerings and generate economic benefits for our customers. We drive various initiatives and innovations towards sustainable business which benefit both our clients and us. These include creating or using innovative technology, such as the deployment of Dynamic Storage Tier technology in the face of ever-expanding requirements for storage capacity and performance. With the motto of doing more for less, we were able to use this technology to limit storage infrastructure and accompanying data center power and cooling requirements while increasing capacity. It helped improve the enterprise storage performance by 95 percent, with cost savings and performance improvements to boot.

Recognizing the need for greater digitization and reduction of paper usage in enterprises, we developed Infosys Electronic Signature Solution (iESS) that enables easy and seamless integration of digital signature support into enterprise approval workflows replacing the need for manual signatures. This has enhanced security and compliance and greatly reduced paper usage for our key government and banking clients.

To know more, please read our Sustainability Report 2013-14

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