Green Innovation

Green innovation

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An idea can change the world. Subu Goparaju (Head of Infosys Labs and Product Research & Development) believes that the old saying holds true. He affirms that technology can breathe life into an idea, be it by acting as a channel of reach or as a source of insights. Technology can help take healthcare to the next level. It unites people to work towards creating affordable solutions to address major global challenges.

An idea is so powerful that it can empower economies and put payment systems into the hands of unbanked millions. It can enable global corporations to reduce their energy footprint or positively impact basic human development.

The success of tomorrow’s companies is closely linked to the health of the global system, which comprises complex and interdependent subsystems. Infosys has been actively working towards creating Tomorrow’s Global Company to identify specific ways in which companies can fulfill this role.

The journey to keep committing ourselves to converting an idea into action is never-ending. Just like the Sankalp project (formed in support of the United Nations Secretary-General's Every Woman Every Child Movement), we have several other success stories. Bringing technological innovations to create value for ourselves, clients and society means a lot to us at Infosys.


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