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Research Findings

Amplifying Human Potential: Towards Purposeful Artificial Intelligence

The research that polled 1,600 senior business decision makers at large organizations across seven markets, revealed:

  • A clear link between an organization’s revenue growth and its AI maturity: Organizations who report faster growth in revenue over the past three years were also more likely to be further ahead when it comes to AI maturity. AI is perceived as a long-term strategic priority for innovation, with 76 percent of the respondents citing AI as fundamental to the success of their organization’s strategy, and 64% believing that their organization’s future growth is dependent on large-scale AI adoption.

  • While there are ethical and job related concerns – 62% believe that stringent ethical standards are needed to ensure the success of AI - most respondents seem optimistic about redeploying displaced employees with higher value work.

  • The majority, 84%, plans to train employees about the benefits and use of AI, and 80 percent plan to retrain or redeploy impacted employees.

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