A Retail Tale - When insights were provided in real-time

In customer-centric industries like retail and CPG, loyalty has to be earned. And if loyalty does not pay (read: offers), customers shop elsewhere. But how simple is it to identify these ‘profitable’ customers who deserve personalized offers, and how can they be targeted during campaigns?

The answer lies in data. In the billions of transactions every day. Add to that data from past purchases. What we have here is a near-impossible high volume of data that retailers have to process, leading in-turn to a no-win situation: customer drop-offs from loyalty platforms.

So, retail and CPG organizations realized that the only way out is to get into the minds of their customers quickly. And to ‘do something impactful’ with that information.

Solution in a Platform

A single-application that is able to process huge volumes of data quickly, and present graphical reports over the Internet. Arriving at actionable insights quickly means that shopper behavior can be influenced within minutes.

Outcomes and More

  • Lead time for reports reduced from hours or days to minutes for one global leader in customer loyalty management who implemented this platform. A large global CPG enterprise can make a query and get a report in less than three minutes.
  • A company which had access to data from over 100 million households, enabled one of its clients to create personalized offers and campaigns for every shopper.