Purposeful AI, when applied to the enterprise, can unlock human potential and amplify people’s ability to do more. To realize this, organizations need to be able to do three things: manage organizational knowledge, apply it to automate enterprise processes, and utilize the massive intelligence hidden away in systems, machines and people.

Infosys Mana is a knowledge-based AI platform. It brings machine learning together with the deep knowledge of an organization to drive automation and innovation. This enables businesses to continuously reinvent their system landscapes. Mana, with the Infosys AiKiDo service offerings, dramatically lowers the cost of maintenance for both physical and digital assets. It captures the knowledge and know-how of people across fragmented and complex systems, and simplifies the continuous renovation of core business processes. Mana also enables businesses to bring new, delightful user experiences leveraging state-of-the-art technology.

Discover, curate, and transform information and learnings automatically

Create knowledge continuously

Amplify and derive value

The Infosys Mana platform is part of the Infosys Aikido framework that helps companies undertake non-disruptive transformation of their existing landscapes

  • Ki: capturing the knowledge within legacy systems to renew, accelerate and enable them to bring entirely new experiences
  • Ai: delivering open, intelligent platforms that bring transformation – new kinds of applications, software tools, unprecedented levels of data processing, a radical new cost performance
  • Dō: design-led services which bring a Design Thinking approach that starts with a deep understanding of a client’s business and IT objectives, its users and customers, to find their most critical problems and biggest opportunities

Infosys Mana is comprised of three integrated components all of which are based on open source technology:

Infosys Information Platform
An open source data analytics platform that enables businesses to operationalize their data assets and uncover new opportunities for rapid innovation and growth
Infosys Automation Platform
A platform that continuously learns routing logic, resolution processes and diagnosis logic to build a knowledge-base that grows and adapts to changes in the underlying systems
Infosys Knowledge Platform
A platform to capture, formalize and process knowledge and its representation in a powerful ontology based structure that allows for the reuse of knowledge as underlying systems change

Infosys Mana can help organizations succeed with enterprise-grade artificial intelligence by providing a platform that delivers on the following benefits:

  • Amplify the Potential: Model complex systems and capture knowledge across generations of people and connected machines, processes, applications and systems
  • Agility from Disruption: Fundamentally transform business processes and the end-user experience on a continuous basis
  • Lower Cost of Change: Help businesses to maintain, operate and evolve systems at a dramatically lower cost

Johnson Controls (JCI) is building leading edge automation capabilities in partnership with Infosys to drive excellence and efficiency across the enterprise. JCI will leverage Infosys tools and platforms to accelerate their automation journey.
Jeffrey Augustin

Jeffrey G. Augustin

Vice President and CIO, Johnson Controls
Investments in artificial intelligence technologies and analytics coupled with services will be the most significant competitive differentiators in the industry. The differentiator is leveraging the power of machine learning, analytics and knowledge creation / curation to unlock new value which dramatically redefines business and IT processes. There are only a select few providers that are bringing all these to the market.
Frances Karamouzis

Frances Karamouzis

VP, Distinguished Analyst, Gartner
As quoted in The Economic Times
Organizations are seeking solutions to automate repetitive tasks and augment decision making at scale. Buyers seek artificial intelligence in the enterprise that bring both the capability of operational efficiency and the ability to accelerate innovation.
R Ray Wang

R "Ray" Wang

Principal Analyst, Founder and Chairman, Constellation Research, Inc.
Infosys Mana brings together evolving capabilities across the Infosys platform portfolio to harness the powers of automation, analytics and artificial intelligence for enhanced service delivery. HfS views the launch of Mana as a direct result of Vishal Sikka's ongoing vision for aligning both software and services to drive Infosys forward.
Phil Fersht

Phil Fersht

CEO, Industry Analyst, HfS Research
Early adopters of Infosys Mana are using the platform to codify the knowledge required to renew their existing IT landscapes, offering a good example of how machine learning and AI can amplify human capabilities, rather than making them redundant.
Dr. Katy Ring

Dr. Katy Ring

Research Director, Cloud & IT Services, 451 Research

Asset Efficiency

Asset operations and maintenance are critical business processes for many organizations. Managing the efficiency of chiller units, meeting SLAs on resolution times for breakdowns and employee productivity improvement goals are crucial for the organization.


  • Decrease in chiller energy per capita consumption by over 50%
  • Decrease in total chiller energy cost by 35%
  • Improvement in issue resolution times by up to 75%
  • Increase in productivity of maintenance engineers by 50%

Order-to-Activation Process Transformation

The order-to-activation cycle is a critical business process in the Telecom industry. Order volumes are large, orders can be complex with bundled services and several applications tracing thousands of unique paths. Often legacy systems are adapted as-is to newer service categories. This leads to multiple failure scenarios resulting in higher costs, increase in cycle time and delay in activation.


  • Decrease in cost per order by as much as 25%
  • Improvement in on-time delivery by up to 40%
  • Superior user experience across the “Order-to-Activation” process

Incident Automation

A leading food distributor needed real-time visibility into product guides and pricing information in the customer order placement system and a Sarbanes-Oxley-compliant user process. Infosys provided a ‘zero touch’ automation solution for provisioning and de-provisioning of access and automated synchronization of data across enterprise systems.


  • 24% incidents reduction across all portfolios leading to 16% reduction in overall IT support effort
  • 70% improvement in turnaround time in compliance-related audit reporting and failure resolution for data requests
  • 36% service requests and 11% incident resolutions are automated through implementation of 2 workflows

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