Oracle CX Cloud Solutions

When organizations and teams align with customer needs using specially designed solutions that leverage the Cloud, they can enhance productivity and deliver business growth.

Infosys Oracle CX Cloud Solutions deliver just that through innovative, on-demand, personal experiences designed with a mobile-first approach. With a focus on flexibility – in scope, price, and time – they play a crucial role in enabling data visibility, data integrity, process efficiency, and people productivity.


Simplify and streamline business processes

faster implementations

Faster implementations and reduced time to market

Improve data visibility

Improve end to end Customer Experience

Optimize total cost

Optimize total cost of ownership TCO

well defined scope

Well-defined scope, schedule, and delivery models

The Infosys Approach

The Infosys approach starts with the assessment of your current IT landscape using a Design Thinking workshop. Based on the findings, we shall recommend either New or Renew as the next step.

bulb icon Design Thinking

  • CX maturity assessment
  • Package evaluation
  • Business case definition
  • Implementation review
  • Technical feasibility
  • Proof of concept / prototyping
  • Solution blueprinting
  • Implementation / strategic roll-out
  • Systems integration
  • Customizations
  • Business transformation
  • Maintenance and support
  • Remote administration
  • Productivity improvements
  • Optimizing TCO

Covering the entire range of Oracle Cloud products:

Oracle Sales Cloud

Oracle Service Cloud

Oracle Field
Service Cloud

Oracle CPQ Cloud

Oracle Marketing Cloud

Feathers in our cap

We have already delivered tremendous value to many clients across the world. Some of our most significant projects have been:

  • Increased forecast accuracy and reduced the sales cycle time in a record 11 weeks for a leading trade insurance company.
  • Transformed the compensation plan landscape of a leading telecom company to a real-time incentive compensation solution from a traditional one, improving sales representative productivity by 22 percent.
  • Reduced payment errors and improved sales quota attainment via Oracle SPM solution. Also reduced the time taken to develop new compensation plans by 19 percent for a world-leading telecom equipment provider.
  • We reduced the sales cycle time by 23 percent by implementing Oracle CPQ solution for a leader in banking and financial services.
  • The quote volumes jumped by 200 percent by implementing CPQ Cloud solution for one of the largest robotics manufacturers in the world.
  • Enhanced campaign effectiveness and reduced time spent on campaign creation by 37 percent for a leading chemicals company in the US.
  • Increased customer conversion through digital marketing for a leading US-based insurance and financial services company.
  • Improved knowledge acquisition and retention of customer interactions for one of the largest telecom service providers based out of Australia.
  • Provided a comprehensive self-help solution to increase customer responsiveness for a global development organization.
  • Automated dispatching and empowerment of field technicians to increase customer satisfaction for one of the leading wholesale open-access data network providers.

What makes Infosys special?

Risk-free implementation

Risk-free implementation

  • Infosys CX rapid deployment workbench
  • Infosys Flex delivery model
  • Rapid start methodology (Hybrid Agile)
Reduced time to market

Reduced time to market

  • Fixed-price and fixed-scope offerings
  • PaaS integration solutions
  • Marketplace functional capabilities
  • Tools and accelerators
Evangelizing best practices

Evangelizing best practices

  • 500+ certified consultants
  • Rigorous training at Infosys University
  • Infosys developed training material for Oracle competency
  • Subject matter experts
Minimizing TCO and errors

Minimizing TCO and errors

  • Smart data services
  • Test automation
  • Oracle sales cloud migration utility
  • Infosys CX automation platform

CX Cloud Solutions, the Infosys way

Developed an app for sales reps to help them prioritize their work processes and keep track of subordinates, automating operational decisions such as assignments, eligibility checks, team building, resource validation, etc. Know more about Infosys Oracle Cloud Offerings available at the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.


  • Boosts sales performance by improving overall sales effectiveness
  • Keeps track of unverified accounts
  • Enhances and accelerates the forecast process

Developed an add-on solution to move data from Siebel to OSC, which had always been a tedious task with a high probability of error in case of manual migration. The solution provides a simple and unified approach to migrate or integrate data over any distance, regardless of the server platform or storage vendor.


  • Reduces effort in data extraction and migration process by 30 percent
  • Minimizes the as-is analysis and to-be analysis cycles related to data migration
  • Reduces the cost, complexity, and risk of moving data

A bolt-on PaaS solution that complements and enhances Oracle Sales Cloud partner management, it implements partner programs, tier levels, specializations, and evaluates partnership tiers periodically.


  • Creates a stronger and differentiated partner network and increases revenue from partner channel with an increased focus on high-value partners
  • Enables effective management of partner credentials, helping identify improvement areas for maximizing ROI
  • Increases close to 15 percent productivity of sales teams

Built an app to address customer relationship management (CRM) pain points such as low user adoption, poor data quality, and lack of motivation to perform. The solution allows gamification of the entire sales cycle, split into missions and objectives, to boost the productivity of the sales team.


  • Enhances data quality by driving users to enter accurate and complete information
  • Increases user adoption by encouraging a competitive spirit in the team
  • Improves sales productivity by up to 11 percent and increases engagement level and sales performance of sales team

An Infosys solution combining an IoT platform and Oracle Service Cloud, it provides customers a preventive solution for their field assets. The solution monitors the health of key equipment and assets in factories, automatically creates incidents upon ‘smart’ detection of abnormal conditions, and assigns and dispatches the right field engineer to fix the issue while also providing necessary knowledge artifacts related to the problem, all without human intervention.


  • Provides remote monitoring of assets and reduces time-to-field with automation of events
  • Increases uptime of asset, reduces maintenance cost and increases workplace safety
  • Improves overall equipment effectiveness and ensures compliance with regulatory laws

Marketing Program Management (MPM) encompasses the solutions that can enhance the marketing function’s ability to drive marketing initiatives by effectively planning campaigns and resources. This solution aims to provide a platform for cloud-based systems to create campaigns, market plans, forecast return on investment (ROI) and create and track budgets on a single application.


  • Provides a central system of record for the marketing team which includes relevant documentation upload
  • Provides a single click view for measuring marketing performance
  • Ensures easy integration

Infosys HR Helpdesk Solution is a pre-configured, Oracle Service Cloud based multi-channel HR case / complaint/ inquiry management solution with a self-service portal for employee engagement.


  • Streamlines HR Helpdesk system with omnichannel support and operations
  • Lowers the cost of contact center operation (owing to deflection of queries / cases to low-cost channels like self-service)

While CPQ Cloud is primarily a quote management solution, Infosys solutions for various verticals are built around utilizing its capabilities and enhancing it further to provide industry-specific solutions.


  • Reduces time to go to market
  • Lowers implementation cost

Infosys has developed a solution to integrate Oracle Utilities Customer Self Service (OUCSS) and Oracle Service Cloud to modernize the way the customers interact with the utilities organization


  • Develops intuitive and simplified screens for the end users
  • Provides omnichannel support to the users

Infosys has developed an E2E solution specifically for the professional services organizations to provide a holistic solution to modernize the sales process by integrating sales, CPQ, and Oracle EBS projects.


  • Provides a 360-degree view into project and cost controls
  • Lowers TCO
  • Reduces data duplication

An industry-focused PaaS mobile solution for on-the-job technicians / supervisors to empower them to provide better customer experience through real-time access to inventory, knowledge base, service history, warranty status, etc.


  • Provides a greater control on the field service operations due to a harmonized view
  • Offers real-time information about inventory
  • Generates handy up-sell and cross-sell information for the field technicians

Infosys has developed an integration connecting Oracle Service Cloud and Salesforce. The integration can give your business a cost-effective advantage over your competition.


  • Synchronizes customer information between Oracle Service Cloud and Salesforce
  • Gives the support personnel visibility into proactive sales opportunities
  • Migrates service incident data from Oracle Service Cloud to Salesforce



Joe Fuster, Vice President, Oracle for CX Cloud, endorses Infosys innovation and differentiated solutions for Oracle Cloud

"Wow! We delivered a world class modern UI CPQ platform in 11 weeks. Great focus and collaboration by Infosys team while working with our business and IT teams."

- IT director for a leading robot manufacturer

"Oracle Sales Cloud has powered our transformation to a transparent, proactive, real-time business that can play to its strengths as a world leader in international trade invoice collections."

- Global Commercial Director for a collections major


2016 Oracle Achievement Award — North America Technology Partner

Oracle CX (Customer Experience) Cloud Partner of the Year Award in Norway

First runner-up — Best CX Technology Innovation at Asia CEM 2016

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