BI HANA Modernization

Infosys BI HANA modernization helps companies harness the power of HANA to simplify and modernize their BI systems and transform into analytics-driven enterprises.

We deliver new age analytics that drive real time insights from data and enhanced visualization with reduced data footprint. We enable companies to reduce operating costs and bring agility in delivering solutions.


Infosys BI Simplification helps enterprises simplify and modernize their BI landscapes and deliver new age analytics such as real time reporting, better visualization and data virtualization. The offering reduces operating costs and brings agility to solution delivery. The offering methodology is based on the following key principles:

  • Non-disruptive transformation to HANA
  • Incremental value delivery
  • Agile development
  • Tool based approach
  • Predictable outcome and cost

Business benefits delivered:

  • Landscape consolidation and simplification reduces operational cost by up to 50%
  • Provides consolidated enterprise reporting on HANA

Infosys advantage:

Our in-built tools and accelerators:

  • Infosys BI Simplification cockpit reduces up to 20% effort during simplification
  • Infosys Business Value Calculation framework creates business case for simplification programs
  • Infosys Migration Assist tool reduces up to 25% effort in data warehouse migration to HANA
  • Infosys Data Warehouse Testing Workbench tool reduces up to 30% effort during simplification

Embedded Analytics enable business users to perform real time analytics on live transactional data. Data from different sources is captured by real time processing and is provided to business users for enhanced visualization, to take real time business decisions. The offering focuses on 4 key parameters:

  • Business case and value assessment
  • Adoption strategy and roadmap
  • Greenfield implementation
  • Use case based proof of concept

Business benefits delivered:

  • Empowers business users to gain actionable insights in real time and improves decision making
  • Tighter integration with transaction systems help BI and analytics to be more pervasive and relevant

Infosys advantage:

  • Embedded Analytics Decision Tree tool provides an indicative recommendation on best fit reporting solutions for Embedded Analytics, Enterprise HANA, BW on HANA and Hybrid
  • Pre-configured capsule reports provide industry specific operational reports across Retail, Life Sciences and Utilities. It enables rapid adoption and deployment of reporting solutions and reduces up to 30% of effort
  • Infosys process repository provides best practices for benchmarking and demo of standard out-of-the-box reporting

Visualization and Self-Service BI offering provides an interactive user interface for analytics and reporting in real time. It allows enterprises to run pre-created models, iterate on the same with changed parameters and create personal views of relevant data. The offering focuses on four key parameters:

  • Enabling self-service for HANA customers
  • Enabling custom visualization through standard extensions
  • Setting up reporting roadmap
  • Setting up architecture and governance

Business benefits delivered:

  • Provides various user personas – such as consumers, data analysts and data scientists, to help in effective data consumption
  • Provides a unified experience for users to access, share and collaborate BI content on desktop, tablets and smart phones
  • Empowers enterprises to access the right insights without relying on IT to drive decisions

Infosys advantage:

  • Pre-built dashboard templates such as SAP Design Studio and Lumira enable faster development cycles and aid business users on self-service content creation
  • Custom extensions such as SAP certified visualization extensions for Design Studio and Lumira, addresses industry specific visualization needs. It provides quick access to unsupported data sources in Lumira and Design Studio using Infosys data access extensions
  • Infosys process repository provides best practice enabled templates that help in establishing self-service BI governance model, selection of BI tools and demo of standard SAP analytics products

Enterprises need to create a Data Lake ecosystem integrating with HANA to gain deeper business insights from structured and unstructured data. The Big Data landscape or Data Lake combines the strength of Hadoop to store huge amounts of data in commodity hardware and SAP HANA to run complex analytics and provide instant insights. Infosys Advanced Analytics and Big Data offering focuses on:

  • HANA Hadoop integration
  • Predictive analytics
  • Data orchestration
  • Integrated data platform

Business benefits delivered:

  • Deeper business insights derived from complex information processing
  • Access to real-time data along with cost-efficient and scalable data storage
  • Central data management for all analytical data simplifies system administration and reduces total cost of ownership
  • Maximizes use of Hadoop for large datasets and enables enterprises to harness the power of predictive analytics

Infosys advantage:

  • Infosys NIA, the Artificial Intelligence platform collects and aggregates organizational data from people, processes and legacy systems into a self-learning knowledge base
  • Infosys analytics framework to standardize and simplify analytics project execution
  • Ready-to-use Data Lake reference architecture for different business scenarios
  • Pre-built big data solutions for various industry segments based on industry specific best practices for faster deployment of analytics

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