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Amplifying the human experience


The fourth wave of technology is here and it is already transforming how we interact with the world and with each other. And we at Infosys are here to help you conquer these waves and help you grow. Our team has over 60 years of combined experience in feature films, large scale VR experiences, enterprise AR solutions simulators, and the video game market. Our projects cover manufacturing, aerospace, retail, real estate, education, sports, healthcare and more.

What we do:

Collaborate with clients so we understand their business, their challenges, their goals

Create AR/VR experience to augment and amplify the human experience across the enterprise

Build communities to share our experience and learn from others

Our Work

Earth 360

Earth 360

Originally developed to be shown at Infosys’ hub at the World Economic Forum’ Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland in 2016, Earth360 is an immersive experience into both natural and human effects on the planet, including damage from fires, deforestation, and other types of climate change and brings statistics to life in stunning reality. It provides a 360 degree view of our world in an immensely personal and intimate way.

Flight 360

Flight 360

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine an air particle traveling through a turbo-fan airplane engine. Now open them and be that particle. The power of virtual reality brings to life experiences that are impossible in the real world.

Mysore 360

Mysore 360

Infosys’ Global Education Centre in Mysore, India is the largest corporate university in the world. Take a look at the award-winning architecture and energy-saving technologies from a whole new perspective on what it means to live in a connected city.

Plant IO

What happens when you team up basil plants with artificial intelligence and augmented reality? You get a digital garden that can produce high yield crops in any environment. is a connected hydroponic system, equipped with environmental sensors and webcams augmented by image-processing capabilities.

Google Tango

AR with Google Tango

The physical and virtual worlds combine when users view physical airplane landing gear through Google Tango tablets. Beacons transmit location based data that overlays the physical gear, providing information on machine health, predictive maintenance, and physical wear.

Infosys Nia

Infosys Nia

What’s easiest way to learn about the health, maintenance and functioning of your complex machinery and equipment? Simply ask it! With digital twins, or digital models of complex physical object, AI platforms like Infosys Nia, chatbots and augmented reality, it’s really that simple.

Infosys Retail Experience

Infosys Retail Experience

Virtual reality helps retailers visualize a shopping experience, then create it without complex CAD or costly physical test sites. With simple, human gestures, your designs are brought to life. Create store layouts based on business requirements, create immersive, customized shopping experiences, and track customer shopping patterns through heat maps.

Virtual Store

Future of Retail

Take a peek at the very near future, where consumers will share more information from new types of devices, and retailers will leverage AI Platforms like Infosys Nia to exploit this and other data sources to deliver targeted product offerings, promotions, and even offer virtual merchandise in-store.

Our Team

Our team comes with a variety of experience in different fields, including feature films, visualization, software, computing, gaming, simulation and robotics, and user experience.We have over 60 years combined experience with interactive computer graphics, and we have built enterprise solutions in VR for training, simulation, and variety of interactive contexts.


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