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Infosys ESG 2030

At Infosys, we have well-defined, measurable milestones along the employee journey to create a great employee experience. Employee experience is one of the key facets of our Employee Value Proposition. We go beyond work and workplace with a plethora of programs aimed at supporting the physical, emotional and digital well-being of our workforce.


Enhancing employee learning and experience

We have reimagined our processes as well as our employee experience with mobile-first solutions. From new joinees being welcomed with a completely digital and paperless onboarding, to homegrown mobile-first apps, such as InfyMe and Lex, that allow employees to transact, learn and stay connected on the move.

Encouraging innovation

While technology has enabled us to build new platforms and rethink processes, programs like Be the Navigator and HackWithInfy encourage our people to create purposeful innovation for our clients.

Promoting better health and lifestyle

We care and actively promote the health and wellness of our employees. Since inception, the Health Assessment and Lifestyle Enrichment (HALE) program has pioneered work in the area of employee welfare, ensuring the workforce is healthy, safe, engaged and productive, with the right work-life balance. Further, our rewards programs are centered on performance, merit and hard work.

We continue to engage employees for impact in the local communities they are part of, through vibrant CSR platforms for volunteering in the areas of education, health, rural development and environmental sustainability, at all our locations worldwide. Employee volunteering efforts are recognized through a special award at the coveted Infosys Annual Awards for Excellence. In the next five years, we plan to impart training to 100% employees on environmental and social sustainability topics to build responsible citizens for a better world.

InfyMe, our self-service platform

The platform enables a seamless, high-quality employee experience to access learning content from anywhere, on any device, at any time.

Infosys Career Mosaic

Powered by Future readiness, Agile careers and Always-on learning, the Mosaic is at the heart of our Employee Value Proposition.

Top Employer®

Infosys is recognized across Europe, Middle East, Australia, Singapore and Japan by Top Employers Institute in 2020.

Infosys ESG 2030

Great Place to Work®

Infosys USA is certified ‘Great Place to Work’ in 2020. The Great Place to Work® certification recognizes Infosys’ commitment to developing a high-trust company culture through excellent employment practices

Infosys ESG 2030


Ambition 2030

Infosys ESG 2030

Facilitating best-in-class employee experience and being recognized among the best employers in our key operating regions.