Being infosys. Being More.

We inhabit a universe where time and space bend and stretch continuously. For us, the year in which we celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Theory of General Relativity itself appeared to warp, and passed by much too quickly. It was a year during which we focused on our strategy execution, and we saw four quarters of healthy growth. Beyond the financial results, we saw unprecedented achievements by our teams in every aspect of the business. It was a year in which everyone brought home the vision of Renew and New built on a solid foundation of innovation, learning and purpose.

In this environment, it is easy to focus on the big picture, and miss seeing the multi-dimensional manner in which true transformation takes hold. In order to return to market leadership in a sustained manner, we need to re-imagine our business in every facet and every detail. From delivery, to

sales, consulting, operations, and each and every business enabling function – from people, to processes, infrastructure and systems – we have to bring about change that addresses the new reality of a pervasively digital and inter-connected world.

This issue of our annual report celebrates the multiple facets of our transformation. The theme is about transcendence from the ordinary. It is about how innovation and continuous improvement have permeated every corner of our business, and about how we are honing excellence to a fine art form. At Infosys, it is no longer adequate to simply meet expectations – we have to exceed it every time, and in every way.

Today, being Infosys means being more.