Building capabilities to
deliver digital outcomes

Scott Sorokin

SVP – Head, Global Services –
Digital Experience

Several of our clients are getting it right. They are digitizing their core, increasing operational capability, reimagining customer engagement, and augmenting process execution with new digital technologies, all the while holistically integrating their transformational priorities – along with continuously sensing, processing, and responding to changes within their business and its connected ecosystem.

In fact, that’s how a global sportswear leader we are helping generated exponential growth. They are transforming themselves from a brick-and-mortar retailer to a more hybrid, customer-first dotcom company. We are helping them leverage consumer insights as the foundation for creating new automated processes and models of working. With data and technology at the heart of the experience they deliver, we are enabling precision marketing with real-time relevance and personalization, bringing their digital brand to life at every customer touchpoint.

For some of our other clients – like a leading American bank – becoming more digital is about bringing exponential efficiencies to operations, so their human talent can focus on creating and delivering new services and experiences. As their digital innovation partner, we are infusing enabling technologies into every aspect of their operations to build a data-driven, automated Living Enterprise platform.

Beyond simply transforming themselves, some businesses that we partner with are digitally transforming the industries they operate in. One of the fastestgrowing global logistics companies tapped Infosys to do exactly that. Our algorithms analyze customer and supply chain data to predict when and where to place products and reflow goods. We are also optimizing fleet pricing, appointment scheduling, load efficiency, driver mobility, and customer satisfaction by developing a proprietary technology that links multiple sites with cross-network visibility.

Then again, sometimes being holistically digital makes so much more than just business sense, it also does a world of good. We are also helping to transform the temporary staffing industry, for a global leader, by modernizing their legacy processes and systems to create a brand-new business model and platform across 62+ countries. This platform’s algorithm matches jobs to workers based on their skills, experience, proximity to office location, as well as the job seeker’s real-time availability.

For these and several other reasons, clients rely on Infosys to help drive their future in an increasingly uncertain, asymmetric, and complex world. We are committed to investing and delivering on the breadth and depth of our digital capabilities to connect insights to decisions, processes to outcomes, and people to each other.

Deepak Padaki

Group Head – Corporate Strategy, and
Chief Risk Officer

Transforming an organization into a Live Enterprise requires grappling with the duality of business priorities : catching the wave of digital technologies to transform the status quo, while also generating exponential return on incumbent investments. Our clients rely on our capabilities to help them through this journey.

The first of these is delivering differentiated Experience. We are investing in Infosys Experience Design (IXD), our global design capability, which includes our acquisition of WongDoody and Brilliant Basics. IXD is building a global network of digital design studios as well as partnering with academic institutions, such as the Rhode Island School of Design, to train next-generation digital designers.

Great experiences lead to a wealth of valuable data – the source of Insight . Leveraging our own artificial intelligence platform – Infosys NIA®, our data workbench and industry partnerships, we have built capabilities to help our clients ingest data from various sources, define a context to make sense of it, apply predictive algorithms and automate response.

Coupled with insights, enterprises must Innovate to compete successfully. They need an iterative process that involves all stakeholders. To enable them to do that, we offer distributed agile development methods, proximity development centers,digital software platforms such as McCamish, Finacle® and the Edge suite of business apps along with capabilities in blockchain, IoT and other emerging technologies.

All too often, new products break down as they scale. Large incumbent organizations need to Accelerate their initiatives by modernizing their legacy processes and systems – to prepare them to easily integrate and adapt to the vitality of new products. Our strong capabilities in cloud ecosystems, legacy modernization, APIs, open source adoption, reusable automation assets, robotic process automation and investments in cloud application skills, such as with our recent investment in Fluido, are helping clients accelerate the transformation of their legacy systems.

Finally, businesses need to Assure customers that they conform to regulatory requirements and that their networks and systems are secure. We have built strong capabilities in privacy and security, and a suite of offerings to help comply with regulatory requirements such as HIPAA and GDPR. We have also built a massive repository of reusable test cases to help our clients validate their systems quickly and reliably.

Every navigation needs a reliable compass, and for us at Infosys, these five axes of digital transformation form the charter around which we are investing in the future – for ourselves and our clients.