Case Study

Hybrid Cloud Enterprise Transformation


Hybrid cloud enterprise transformation for leading APAC wealth management firm

The client

The client is a leading wealth management company in Australia and New Zealand offering multiple services including retail banking, financial planning & advice and life insurance.


The client was facing rapid growth with lines of business expanding rapidly through organic growth and acquisitions with intention to increase its presence in international markets. The current state infrastructure was unable to support periods of rapid growth. As a result, there were downstream challenges to the following:

  • Time to Market for new capabilities or ramp down of needs an agile and flexible infrastructure model
  • Cost to Income: current IT costs were higher than industry benchmark target of 6.8%.
  • Cyclical Demand Patterns for Capabilities: to accommodate growth and scaling, infrastructure needed to be available on demand

Our solution

Infosys leveraged our SMART EA framework to develop a cloud strategy, application portfolio assessment and recommendations for cloud adoption for the key lines of business. During the planning phase, Infosys leveraged assessment accelerators for application code analysis to minimize the risks of migration and to develop a migration plan. This significantly improved the accuracy of recommendations on migration complexity, efforts, costs and suggested migration plans.

After the planning phase, Infosys

  • Evaluated and recommended the right cloud strategy for a portfolio of applications taking into consideration business, technical, security, risk and regulatory compliance requirements
  • Calculated cost savings with the recommended cloud deployment model.
  • Create a re-usable framework for cloud assessment based on the client’s application portfolio to be applied internally for other portfolios in future
  • Developed a re-usable quantitative assessment and ROI model and ROI that was re-used for other portfolio of applications by the client internally


Infosys drove a successful insights driven enterprise transformation leveraging our strategic and technical expertise. As a result, client achieved the following benefits in addition to pursuing international expansion strategy:

  • YoY cost savings for portfolio ~30% per annum (~31 M AUD NPV over 5 years)
  • Provisioning times reduced from 2 – 3 weeks to 4 hours with no server refresh efforts, costs or overhead
  • Much shorter contractual terms (1 – 3 months) compared to as-is terms of ~3 years for enterprise platforms and agreements

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