Just–in–timeRecruiting Is Here

Imagine being able to find the perfect bartender to staff a five-star resort or hiring an Italian chef for a week in Switzerland. All in real time; all with zero human touch; all with digital contracts and digital signatures; all revenue passing through the platform; all payments made within 48 hours - tax, legal and regulatory compliance included. It’d be like Uber for the staffing business!

Staffing is no child’s play

The staffing industry, hugely competitive, runs on thin margins and large volumes. The ability to fulfil client demand - the right candidate at the right price at the right time and location - is key to success. Traditional companies run operations through brick and mortar branches where sales agents try and find matches using job boards and internal databases. Typical engagements are for a few months or longer.

Complex regulatory and compliance scenario

Staffing industry is a regulation-intensive industry and these regulations often differ from one country to another, and even for multiple career fields. There are laws around misclassification of employees, laws around contracts and of course, the labor laws of the respective regions.

Finding the Real Problem

We realized that we should first go after the market with the easy wins. So our initial idea was to disrupt the ‘defragmented downstream market’, US$150 billion in size; focusing on real-time needs, small volumes, quick-start dates and less than one week requirements. This would be followed by tackling the ‘streamlined upstream market’, which is over US$200 billion in size and typically occupied by the top 10 players.


To deliver a new, breakthrough experience to our customers, we designed a new engagement model (first-of-its-kind for Infosys Incubation-as-a-Service model) to launch a digital startup in the on-demand staffing industry. We co-created a ‘Just-in-time Recruitment Platform’, a fully automated solution across over seven channels of delivery. Infosys was the sole technology implementation partner for the program and this large digital transformation program was executed rapidly - in under 24 weeks. Today, it runs across seven digital channels run across 250+ screens, two iOS apps, two Android apps, two websites and one operational portal.

The Outcomes

  • Just-in-time staffing with as short as four-hour notice.
  • Improved profile matching and hiring processes assisted with real-time analytics have taken the pain out of urgent, short-term staffing needs.
  • Faster and easier onboarding with fully automated documentation.
  • Feedback and ratings, from repeat customers, factored.
  • Faster payment (< 48 hours) to candidates through digitized operations.
  • Personalized experience for both simple and complex orders.
  • Fully digitized staffing operations, including electronic contracts resulting in dramatically reduced start of service timelines.