Ever wondered where your favorite restaurant gets its everyday food supply from? Chances are they are sourcing that caviar and truffle oil from a food service distributor. For our client, a broad-line food distributor delivering over a billion cases of food products to restaurants, healthcare, and educational institutions across the world, every year ensuring accuracy, quality, and compliance was no mean task.

Accuracy is success

Imagine a case of corn fed chicken landing up at a restaurant that prides itself as being 100% vegan! In the food distribution industry, reputation, trust, and success is defined by accuracy. Because any inaccuracy means restaurants cannot serve meals their customers ask for.

Logistics of scale

Imagine requests of over 400,000 clients landing on your booking management system every night as orders that need to be delivered before the start of business. There are so many things that can go wrong - from order registration to processing of invoice and payment transactions. And all these things depend on the IT systems.

Compliance can kill appetites

For any large food service distributor, there are several laws of the land to be followed. There are food safety laws, corporate laws, distribution laws, and then some more regulations.

Finding the Real Problem

The key to the entire food distribution business is never missing out or erring on any delivery. So what if we took away every other task and focused only on delivering the right food at the right time? The solution then would be to bring in automation to perform all affiliated tasks so deliveries happen unfailingly.


Infosys stepped in to support and automate our client’s entire infrastructure and applications, including the most critical -- web ordering and warehouse management applications — to ensure fulfillment of orders. We brought in Infosys Automation Platform to automate tickets, compliance, and other processes. Leveraging cloud efficiencies, Infosys also ensures that all orders go out on time while minimizing business impact of any failure due to IT systems.

The Outcomes

  • Streamlined operations to ensure accuracy in food deliveries with zero scope for failure.
  • Studied failure patterns and automated 35% of tickets using Infosys Automation Platform.
  • Infrastructure performance improvement through multiple hardware upgrade projects.
  • Automation to ensure 100% Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance.
  • Minimized business impact of IT system failure.
  • High availability and optimization of critical systems and applications that process orders during the night (that is, the peak ordering time for restaurants).