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For more than 40 years, Vantiv has set the standard for reliability in payments processing. As they transform their business for a new world of digital transactions, their focus is clear – smarter, faster, and easier payments.

To deliver this promise, Vantiv needs their existing platforms to be more robust than ever, while they innovate and create new platforms to change the face of payments. Infosys is helping Vantiv do just that. To renew their core, we integrated their billing platforms for massive scale. And to shape new experiences, we leveraged the power of mobility to give Vantiv real-time visibility in to their partner ecosystem like never before.

Let’s talk about scale

Vantiv offers a comprehensive suite of traditional and innovative payment processing and technology solutions to merchants and financial institutions of all sizes.

US$842 billion in volume processed

with 23 billion transactions each year.

800,000 merchant locations served

with over 300,000 merchants in the Vantiv ecosystem.

1,400 financial institution relationships

across the U.S. – 10 of top 25 national retailers are Vantiv clients.


When you’re a payments processor, your profitability is intrinsically linked to your revenue management and billing platform. Any inefficiencies arising from the platform can lead to million-dollar impact – this was the very challenge Vantiv faced after acquiring Mercury, which had a separate in-house billing function. Faced with data inconsistencies and revenue leakage, the need of the hour was absolute accuracy in billing.

Infosys took charge of the mandate, driving end-to-end implementation of the Oracle Financial Services Revenue Management & Billing Platform. Oracle partnered with Infosys and ensured that the product lived up to its best in class reputation and met most of the key requirements of Vantiv. To meet Vantiv’s value-based business requirements, Infosys custom-built over 75 components including interfaces, reports, and extensions – all of which were geared to improve productivity, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce errors in application processing.

Renew story


Infosys helped Vantiv meet Wall Street investor expectations of improved profitability linked with merger of the new business unit using the new billing platform. With this platform, Vantiv is positioned to accelerate its aggressive growth strategy.

$500 million billing per month

That’s the volume for which the platform is built – ensuring that Vantiv can scale their platform to sizeable transaction needs.


Faster availability of billing data, including the previous day’s merchant transactions.

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With Infosys, we found a trusted advisor partnership – a great ability to work with us not just in technology, but also to truly partner with the business-side leadership in understanding the challenges and then developing creative solutions. So it’s been a great combination of taking an application from Oracle, but then customizing it through configuration of algorithms and other complex logic to turn around the billing product as well as now the residuals capability. Close Quote

James M Blickendorf
Senior Leader IT, Vantiv


Vantiv’s partner ecosystem has always been key to their success – servicing this client base is at the heart of their business model. But the way they are served matters the most in the digital age. Vantiv’s partners want service that is instant and seamless. At the same time, Vantiv wanted to launch their Advantage partner program, which includes financial rewards, value-added resources and product support.

A mobile app was the perfect solution – but speed-to-market was the biggest consideration. With just a couple of months to go for a major conference on July 29, 2016, Vantiv needed a platform that enabled rapid development and deployment of the mobile app in just 8 weeks. That’s when Vantiv discovered Skava from Infosys – a mobility platform with modular architecture and prebuilt applications. With Skava, and Infosys' design thinking approach, the journey from vision to go-live would be rapid and turbulence-free.


Skava’s platform capabilities proved to be an accelerator in reducing time to market for the Vantiv Advantage app. SkavaSTUDIO helped accelerate hybrid mobile app development with its library of widgets, pre-existing integration to third-party APIs such as notifications and a CMS engine, which meant Vantiv didn’t have to integrate another CMS solution for updating app collateral.

Skava’s white-label mobile app for iOS and Android – with basic features and integrations – were an attractive alternative to developing the app in-house. Finally, Skava’s creative design services helped remove the need to employ an external agency in defining the flow of the app and saved precious time for the app launch. The result: the Vantiv Advantage app was ready to launch to partners at the conference on July 29, and just a few days later, was available for download on the App Store and Play Store.


With the Vantiv Advantage mobile app, integrated payments partners will get real-time account visibility like never before, which will allow them to submit leads from anywhere and monitor their progress. The mobile app powered by Skava serves as a one-stop solution for commissions, service alerts and other important push notifications, in addition to providing on-demand access to selling resources.

8 weeks

is all it took to implement Skava and have the mobile app up and running in the App Store and Play Store.

Zero effort

for business teams – Skava’s Web-based authoring tool makes it easy to create dynamic content without depending on the technology team.

600+ partners

are already experiencing seamless service on the Advantage mobile app – and the number is growing every day.


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In just 8 weeks, Skava and Vantiv worked collaboratively to launch the newly improved Vantiv Advantage program app. We extended and simplified the digital engagement experience so Vantiv’s partners can sell and grow their business faster. Rather than converting an existing partner portal into the mobile app, the Skava team took a step further and re-authored the entire application in SkavaSTUDIO, which allowed the Vantiv team to take full ownership and control of the app to publish updates and changes. The Skava team did a great job to get us to the launch... Stay tuned for mobile transformation at Vantiv. Close Quote

Balaji Devarasetty CTO Integrated Payments, Vantiv LLC