Come May, Infosys Confluence 2017 will bring an enriching assortment of transformational experiences for business leaders. In fact, the conversations, the collaboration, the teaching-learning has already begun. Champions who’ve embraced automation, innovation and lifelong learning, to make progress, prepare to share their understanding and experiences in an open platform, so your own journey on the path to unlimiting your potential is accelerated. Here’s a preview of the excitement to come.

* These featured videos are only a representation of the thought leadership that you will experience at Confluence 2017. The speakers in these featured videos are not necessarily part of the event.

Learning for our times

We have always been able to adapt to dramatic changes in our world because we have evolved the way we learn alongside our increasingly powerful technologies. It’s time we think beyond how we’ve been approaching our education, to recast it as a holistic, continuous and lifelong process of learning — one in which problem-finding is as important as problem-solving, and digital literacy is taken as seriously as language literacy. We also need to help people around us develop skills that can enable them to become creators and not just consumers of technology. As leaders we have a great responsibility to steer our organizations purposefully through these extraordinary times.

At Infosys Confluence 2017, let’s hear from the leaders how their organizations are encouraging continuous learning, up-skilling, and education to prepare their workforce for a better future.

Vishal Sikka

Purposeful AI™

Purposeful AI™, when applied to the enterprise, can unlock human potential and amplify people’s ability to do more. To realize this, organizations need to be able to do three things: manage organizational knowledge, apply it to automate enterprise processes, and utilize the massive intelligence hidden away in systems, machines and people. The biggest opportunity that lies before every business today is to launch a human revolution, where we are all able to achieve much higher productivity, to bring much more innovation, and create a future limited only by our aspirations. And that can be made possible by technology - especially automation and AI.

At Infosys Confluence 2017, talk to the leaders who know what the AI journey really entails – because they are on one themselves. Share, collaborate and learn how AI can amplify human potential for your enterprise.

The Making of Real Leaders

The leaders’ challenge extends beyond the walls of the enterprise. It also calls for them to look beyond narrow interests, towards making a larger positive impact on the world around us. To grow in trust and confidence to share space rather than polarize it. The zero-sum game model of competitive success is quite outmoded. Today, our competition is with ourselves and with our ability to deliver what customers demand. The challenge is not to best one’s closest rival but to be better than the threshold of relevance to the customer. Again, technology is the prime mover of this shift by democratizing information to ensure no one enjoys a monopolistic advantage for very long, and by giving us the tools to share and collaborate.

At Infosys Confluence 2017, we can find the inspiration to rise a little above where we are, and look beyond the quarterly rhythms of our own little ventures to do something bigger, based on our combined creativity to bring out the best in each other, and to move us all forward.

Innovation Demystified

We still live in times where innovation is somehow viewed as this near-mystical thing. We think of it as something that belongs in the turf of all-time greats like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg. But the reality is that innovation is no more than the ability to see something that is not there. And to bring it to life. To find the things around us that can be shaped, that can be changed. To then look at the experiences they create as continuously imperfect, and see if something could be done that makes it better. Innovation means to not be satisfied with the way things are and seeing if there is some way to improve it.

At Infosys Confluence 2017, let’s look together to find the things that can be improved, to share the knowledge that strengthens our belief in good ideas, and the conviction  and passion to make it happen, to make it real.

Tapping the power of us all

It is something fundamental to enterprises –ensuring that we nurture the best talent. Down the ages, we’ve always known this and Design Thinking reinforces it - that great solutions come where there is a synthesis of many different points of view. Teams composed of multiple perspectives, from diverse backgrounds, produce outcomes that are much richer. When we are diverse, we create more opportunities for a richer synthesis of perspectives. That’s why diversity - including gender diversity - is deeply important to the success of companies. And we lost leverage of such a huge part of humanity - what a massive and shameful loss of collective imagination, creativity and intellect! And conversely, what an amazing opportunity to help us improve ourselves!

At Infosys Confluence 2017, let’s together find ways to build diversity into our teams not because it is the benchmark, or the best-practice, or checks off some "in" list. But because - just look around - it is the right thing to do. And it makes us all better, richer, and moves us all forward.

Nurturing Learnability

Emerging technologies in artificial intelligence, deep neural networking, and machine learning enable us to reimagine the possibilities of human creativity, innovation and productivity. But none of these incredible capabilities would be possible without our fundamental ability to understand and to learn. It is this ability that transforms all of the waves of raw data and information that wash over our world into true knowledge. As technology continues its rise, absorbing our mundane and routine tasks, we must understand our calling to something greater – to be better, something more. This is the promise of our great human potential — that we are more than the sum of our knowledge of the past. It is precisely our ability to learn that will open a new future for all of us.

At Infosys Confluence 2017, you’ll find your own space to learn, a platform to share your unique experiences and absorb from others the things that challenge you at an individual level. You’ll see how this balance – of learning and teaching makes our potential truly limitless.