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Ketan Vanjara

Ketan Vanjara

Global Head of Core Banking

Ketan Vanjara is the Global Head of Core Banking at HSBC. With immense passion for human technology, Ketan likes to indulge into confluence (aka convergence) of different streams of knowledge/technology – be it research on human brain and AI; telecom and finance; triple confluence of people-culture-technology; or more.

In his current role at HSBC, Ketan is accountable for all the core banking systems and platforms within HSBC globally. Leading global teams from India over the last two years, Ketan is pioneering some high impact transformation in the core banking space by running a program aptly named Phoenix. He is also implementing DevOps and Agile practices in core banking. Under his leadership, HSBC has become the first financial institution on the planet to have cracked the end-to-end DevOps automation on iSeries.

Prior to HSBC, Ketan spent two stints with Microsoft in the Office division, building Office on Android in his second sprint. These were interspersed with his tenure at SunGard (now FIS) as Senior Vice President owning several product lines globally. At SunGard, he also made additional contributions as Center Head for Pune development center and Country Head of HR. In every captive, Ketan has leveraged thought leadership of captive teams to make global impact on the parent organization.

Ketan ran two software startups from Gujarat from mid-90s onwards. These were focused on future technologies and products. For instance, his teams developed mCommerce software and platforms on Palm Pilot 3 and 4.

With close to 30 years of experience, he has seen the evolution of technology and travelled full circle – from punch cards and mainframes, to mid-range, to client server followed by web and mobile and now back to the world of core banking with COBOL and RPG all around him.

A futuristic thinker, Ketan has lot of faith in human potential and strongly believes the future belongs to inspiration, imagination and collaboration.