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Kumar Abhishek

Kumar Abhishek

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Kumar brings extensive experience on large scale, multi country, core banking implementations both on mobile and internet banking arenas. He aspires to enable financial inclusion to the grass root level and bring excitement in offline retail space. Thus making proximity communication and payments reach the last mile and to the critical masses irrespective of geographies.

Prior to starting ToneTag, he was with Finacle core banking at Infosys and as a Senior Engineer with MindTree.

In 2013, Kumar conceptualized the idea of ToneTag and developed a unique concept of making offline proximity communication through sound waves. This was not only the launch of a completely new product in fact, it was the birth of a totally new product category.

The Use Cases of the concept and product are far reaching and bring a paradigm shift in the Payment and offline Retail Industry

He strongly believes that Collaborations and Partnerships enrich and drive abundance than competition.

In addition to his business activities in the entrepreneur’s space, he likes playing Golf and making clay idols.