Client Speaker
Michel P. van Drie

Michel P. van Drie

Head of IT Solutions

Michel studied Business Information in Utrecht and Business Economics in Amsterdam at the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He started his career with BDO Camps Obers as EDP auditor and entered ABN AMRO Bank in 1992. After working in the Corporate NL division, he moved to the International Division leading an implementation organization with responsibilities to implement a standard payments infrastructure in the ABN AMRO foreign branches. Subsequently, he took several positions as an Operations Head for Payments, Securities, and later on Fulfilment and Services, and led the 2,300 fte Operations NL department during the separation of RBS and the integration of ABN AMRO and Fortis. From 2013 onwards, in his current role as Head of IT Solutions, Michel is responsible for the development and implementation of IT solutions within the bank. In the journey to bring ABN AMRO to the next digital era of banking, he is also executing a program called TOPS2020, investing in simplification of the IT landscape and further digitization of the ABN AMRO product offering.