Client Speaker
Paul Nicolaisen

Paul Nicolaisen

Executive Vice President
Global Business Services

Paul joined AkzoNobel as the Executive Vice President of Global Business Services in November 2015. In this role he is accountable for developing and executing a Global Business Services, process-driven delivery model for supporting business processes throughout the company. Global Business Service program goals are to define and establish a global services delivery arm focused on operational support, and a Global Process Ownership arm to drive standardization, compliance, and CI. GBS supports processes from the Finance, HR, IT, and Procurement Functions, as well as other business supporting processes. The geographic scope is divided between five regions: North America, Latin America, Europe, and SESA, and North Asia. GBS is charged with improving both operational efficiency and organizational effectiveness, while serving as a key horizontal enabling capability for the company.

Prior to joining AkzoNobel, Paul had over +20 years success in conceiving, building and running shared service organizations delivering supporting business processes for Finance, IT, Human Resource, Procurement, Customer Support, Sales & Marketing, and Logistics. He has experience with operations throughout Europe, North and Latin America, and Asia in organizations that span a variety of industries and Fortune 100 companies (Becton-Dickinson, Unisys, McDonald's, CSC, Office Depot, AstraZeneca) as well as governmental agencies (NASA, Homeland Security). He has built validated processes and quality control systems for Life Science companies that require certification by governmental authorities. Shared Service / GBS organizations he as built and run are multi-functional operations providing service delivery for numerous functions including Finance, HR, Supply Chain, Sales, Quality, Procurement, Real Estate Facilities, IT, R&D, Treasury, and Legal.

Paul has served as both a practitioner and consultant on enterprise transformations, from shared services to ERP. He has been on both sides of the table with Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) arrangements. During his career he has led the building of 18 separate shared service centers in nine different countries. Paul is considered one of the leading practitioners in the world for conceiving, building and operating “best in class” shared service organizations. He is one of a handful of shared service professionals who has managed the full life cycle of an SSO and GBS (i.e. conception, strategy, business case, site selection, build, implementation, scale / leverage, operate, mature).

Paul has a degree in Economics & Biology from Albion College, and pursued MBA studies in Finance and Systems Analysis at Bowling Green State University. Paul is also a certified Program Management Practitioner, Chair of the Conference Board Council on Global Business Services, and a frequent speaker / author at conferences around the world.