Client Speaker
Vijay Raghavendran

Vijay Raghavendran

Distinguished Engineer, Advanced Services

Vijay is a technical evangelist with a stream of successful innovations for one of the largest networking company, Cisco Inc. His area of expertise is in technical thought leadership, consultancy for CXOs, software architecture and agile development, and digital network architecture and transformation.

He is driving several cutting edge technology initiatives for his organization which includes a unified software platform to automate the process of software lifecycle management focusing on reuse of assets, CICD, agile development, and productivity improvement. He is also leading the software infrastructure programmability track using analytics and machine learning and automation through open source products. He is also helping customers to automate their plan, build and manage phase of network infrastructure. In addition to this, he is responsible for developing the practice around architecture management office for digital network transformation.

Vijay is a graduate from Duke Executive MBA program. He is an avid sports fan and in his spare time runs a sports Cricket Academy, helping youth become talented cricket players. He also sits in the executive board of a local chapter of Pratham, a nonprofit focused on providing supplementary education to underprivileged kids.