Sustainability Drives Better Business

Sustainability and Responsible Business are becoming synonymous and why not? Leaders now recognize the power of a purpose beyond profitability that helps them build trust among stakeholders and sustain the enterprise.

Powered by the vision to ‘earn the respect of our stakeholders’ at Infosys, our sustainability efforts are well aligned with our business goals. Read our 11th Sustainability Report to know more.

Build Purposeful Business Goals for a Strong Sustainable Organization

Organizations that are driven by sustainability don’t just ‘manage’ their businesses, they build purposeful business goals, mindfully, and focus on bringing to life a larger perspective by lending meaning to the work they do, thereby creating opportunities for innovation. Here’s how we do it.

Expand your eco-system - Your stakeholders aren’t just your employees or shareholders. Your business partners, the government, environmental bodies and the larger community are all stakeholders. Identify the social issues that are relevant to your business and stakeholders and build goals that focus on creating shared value. The more shared value you create, the more you make your business sustainable. We also strive to build strategic alliances with industry consortiums at the local, national and international levels to strike a balance between achieving successful profitable business outcomes and maintaining a sustainable world.

Manage your risks by taking audacious goals - Businesses don’t work in siloes, they depend on resources that most often come from the environment or the social community they operate in. Ensuring that you minimize the negative effects of resource depletion actually aligns very well with the broader profitability goal of an organization.

In 2011, Infosys voluntarily committed to the UN to reduce it's per capita electricity consumption by 50%, move to 100% renewables it's electricity requirements and become Carbon Neutral by 2019-20 and we are well on our way to achieving the goal.

Innovate - Environment and social issues are constantly evolving and often throw up challenges that require out of the box thinking and solutions that help solve client issues and lead to new product designs. Aligning to sustainability goals compel organizations to innovate.

Our focus on Research and Development (R&D) helps us stay ahead in the ever changing technology landscape. Collaborations with academia, research organizations and start-up innovation ecosystems help augment our solutions.

Value your employees - Sustainability practices infuse a sense of pride and belonging to employees motivating them to be more productive, responsible and pro-active. Responsible businesses serve to inspire the future generations of workforce

Make Your Clients Proud - Investing in sustainability builds trust and a great brand reputation. With increasing awareness around environmental and social issues, clients want to be associated with a company that delivers not just a well performing product but one that has been produced responsibly.

The current digital disruption across industries is raising further questions around ethics, making it even more challenging for organizations to keep up with their sustainability efforts. Business executives must take this as an opportunity to further innovate and leverage the very technology that is disrupting to find new ways of incorporating sustainability into business strategies.