Infosys Living Labs

Organizations are struggling to keep pace with the intense pace at which technology is evolving. Every day, new technologies and innovative business models are disrupting status quo and acting as game changers. The highly competitive ecosystem, changing business paradigms and demanding consumers are forcing organizations to invest in innovation that can transform their business and make them future ready.

While everyone agrees that innovation is the only way for organizations to differentiate and disrupt; and while most organizations today have some form of innovation program in place; there is little consensus on what makes an innovation program successful.

It is evident from the collective experience of the industry that for successful innovation, it is critical to not just adopt new technology but to contextualize it to the problems of the business and ensure its successful implementation on the ground. There is more to this than simply hiring a lot of technology experts or throwing money at the innovation program. This X factor is about the vision, approach, processes and the practices adopted by the innovation program!

At Infosys Living Labs, our focus has been on enabling our clients to unleash the full potential of their business. Using Design Thinking, technology, and design capabilities of the Infosys innovation ecosystem, Infosys Living Labs helps clients to incubate and deploy innovative solutions at scale by contextualizing emerging technologies.

Sushrut Vaidya - Associate vice president and head, Business Innovation, Infosys Center for Emerging Technology Solutions (iCETS)



Insights garnered from working with clients on their innovation journeys: