Cyber Security

It’s Still Kinda Dark Behind Our Scrolling Bright Screens

As October—the National Cyber Security Awareness Month — progresses, and we come together to reflect on the need to protect our transactions, and online businesses, it’s natural to also think about protecting our personal data and privacy. Between the 8.4 billion sensor devices that are interconnected — in-home electronic systems, health monitoring equipment, cars, and smartphones, our digital-first living, smart cities, relentless social networking, and other things cyber, the world is already producing approximately 2.5 quintillion bytes every day. A year ago, we sent out 3.5 million text messages a minute; now it’s about 15.2 million. And in the time it takes you to type out this sentence, 456,000 tweets would have hit the airwaves, Google will have been bombarded with 3.6 million search queries and Uber will have taken almost 46,000 rides. In that same time, more than 103 million spam email messages will also have been delivered to unsuspecting mailboxes.

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