Data Analytics

Don’t Plan your Customer Engagement Journey, Give them Data-Informed Experiences

In today’s digital world, there is no one defined customer journey but multitude of probable journeys. For organizations, multiple channels have become table stakes. As customers and enterprises interact on multiple channels there is an overlap in the intersection points making it challenging for organizations to ensure that they provide a seamless and consistent experience to their clients.

Digital is one of those channels but a critical one as it plays an invaluable role in not only capturing and analyzing data but in helping make data driven decisions - fundamental requirement for any organization aspiring to delight their customers.

At Infosys, we advocate providing customized and data driven services to customers to enrich their experiences both in digital and outside in order to drive brand loyalty. In addition, we advise clients to ensure that their business objectives tie up with their technology ambitions. This is where we see maximum friction with our clients today. Within Infosys Digital, we are trying to connect the bridge between the CMO/CDO and the CIO to ensure the right digital platforms are being utilized to ensure a seamless customer experience.

Digital Strategy – How to Get It Right

When developing digital strategies, it is very important to put yourself in the shoes of your consumers. While working at Amazon, Jeff Bezos would say that to every business unit, and still does. What do your customers want? What are they looking to do? What are they looking for in a branded experience? Without putting yourself in the shoes of a customer, or minimally building out personas to help drive different patterns within an experience, many organizations will fail. These personas can be built from data that our clients have in some capacity. It may take us a while to find it and shape it, but at Infosys Digital, we help our clients shape and form these strategies from a multitude of data sources.

We use an approach that focuses on User Generated Services (UGS) that leverages real-time data intelligence to drive contextual, automated and predictive experiences, products and services in order to increase customer acquisition, retention, satisfaction and revenues per customer.

The UGS Approach: It’s All About Data

We help our clients move from Customer Engagement Journeys to Data-Informed Experiences using data models that identify and predict customer actions or engagements to drive the customers’ Next Best Actions, offers, products, and services.

We use machine learning to extract patterns that help us predict outcomes based on which we define the next essential touchpoints and triggers using automation.

Through data we deliver the micro-moments whereby our clients will be responsive or proactive throughout the customer journey with:

  • Time relevant messaging
  • Better matching of customer needs
  • Improved opportunities for growth

In addition, change management within the organization is key. Our clients must adopt an attitude that opens them up to wanting to change. Not just for the external experiences, but internal as well. There is no “digitize” button and our client organizations must manage to inspire a change both internally and externally to win in the marketplace today.

Developing Digital capabilities for a Great Customer Insights Strategy

There is no one way of developing an effective customer insights strategy for a client. We at Infosys Digital, kick the tires, pop open the hood to make recommendations and suggestions based on what we feel is in the best interest of the client. Sometimes a full retirement and scrapping is necessary, rather than continuing to hold onto expensive licenses.

THE most important element to keep in mind, is to ensure that whatever technology or platform is selected, they all speak to each other intelligently, and provide data rich information that can guide our clients’ experiences with their customers. We are helping our clients navigate the seamless integration between business and digital technologies, ensuring a strong focus on Customer Experience, Service Design, Content and Platforms. Our outside-in approach, which renews legacy technologies, processes, systems, and ways of working, is a driving force helping our clients meet rising customer expectations, deliver individualized experiences at scale, and operate at the speed of the market.

However, it isn’t enough to develop only technological capabilities, people working in customer centric organizations need to be empowered with creativity and design capabilities in order to encourage innovation and strengthen customer experience capabilities particularly in the digital space.

Creativity and Design is another key ingredient to success for our clients. At Infosys, we have made investments in companies like Wongdoody and Brilliant Basics. We have invested in the right partnerships like the one with Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). These investments are helping to shape the new and improved views and strategies that we are bringing to our clients today. These strategies are rich in creatives with strong content providing end to end experiences that carry different offers, appeals and representations. Lastly, we also create multipurpose assets that can easily be repurposed through our Digital Studios in LA, Seattle, New York, London and Berlin.