Great customer experiences are hard to provide. You need to know your customer well, and understand their changing expectations and preferences to be able to tailor your services and products that not just meet their primary need but leave them with an experience that they appreciate and acts as a catalyst for repeat business.

With the accelerated progression of digital technology and its rapid uptake by consumers, customer experience today encompasses a lot – meeting the rapidly evolving customer expectations, being channel-agnostic in service delivery and availability, delivering personalized experiences at scale, and doing all of this at the speed of market. Digital transformation plays a crucial role in performing each of these.

Customer centricity brings more satisfied buyers, increased loyalty, vocal advocacy, and lower cost of service. Digital transformation enables a business to go beyond merely acquiring the latest technologies or building shiny front-end applications to reimagining the business, including its systems, people, and processes and create a core that is designed to deliver experiences that would bring customer delight. Transformation cannot fulfil its true potential if it is restricted only to the technology adoption aspect, it also has to reflect in the leadership’s willingness to lead the charge and transform the company from ground up.


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