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Shaping a Better Tomorrow for Tech Talent with Infosys Industry-grade Certification

It’s a widely acknowledged fact that there is an urgent need for bridging the skill gap that pervades the IT industry today. Skills currently being taught in engineering schools have a shrinking shelf-life. Upskilling is the only way forward in an industry that is constantly clamoring for more advanced technical knowledge. There is also growing consensus that the onus of grooming engineers to be job ready doesn’t just lie on formal educational institutions. The industry too needs to play its part.

Catching them young

In an effort to bridge the widening knowledge gap between education and industry, companies are overhauling their recruitment strategies. They are investing copious amounts of time and budgets on training new hires in highly specialized areas that they will require on the job. While this is important, the larger issue at hand is that of catching them young. A strong grasp of the fundamentals of programming is important regardless of the domain they choose in the future. Therefore, the primary goal is to enable budding programmers to master contextualization in coding – the art of infusing their theoretical knowledge into practical solutions for major business problems.

This has precisely been our pursuit with the recently launched InfyTQ app, a unique online learning solution with quality material completely developed, curated and provided by Infosys. Through this digital medium, we are successfully disrupting conventional training models and have made inroads by preemptively tapping future engineers to be industry-ready well before they attend job interviews.

In just three months since its launch, InfyTQ has garnered nearly 300,000 registrations. Over 2 Lakh are from the batch that will graduate in 2020. On an average 15,000 students are logging into the app every day and are spending an average of 20 minutes learning and engaging with us for mentorship and encouragement.

Certification as a launchpad

Encouraged by the enthusiastic response, we have introduced industry-grade certification assessments to the course. Our courses have been designed taking into cognizance the fact that learning has made its way beyond the bounds of the classroom and millennials learn best with flexibility and time on their side. After the completion of a series of real-world assignments in the course, students will put the amalgamation of their learnings to the test at the time of certification.

The first of these kicked off in early June at the Indian city of Vijayawada with participation from over 1,000 students from across the country to earn the title of Infosys Certified Software Programmer. Other examination centers in the country include major cities in the states of Gujarat, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh. The team also organized several sessions to answer queries from the registered students to boost their chances of achieving certification.

Learners on InfyTQ also have an advantage over others for the certification exam; the certification assessments will be based on the four foundation courses available on the app. These, we believe are the most essential foundational areas that students need to know in order to chart a promising career in the world of IT.

There are myriad training institutions in the marketplace that offer certified courses in specific subjects. In comparison, InfyTQ offers curated content in a learning-by-doing mode and in an anytime, anywhere environment. The in-depth knowledge imparted in most essential areas that students need to build on, along with assignments and multitude of interim assessments help them find their feet in the competitive marketplace, helping them get ahead in their careers. While the certification is in fact endowed by Infosys, candidates are free to use it as a springboard to wherever their careers take them. After all, our commitment towards upskilling the next generation of Indian tech talent is not just for ourselves, but for the industry as a whole.

Click here to download InfyTQ. Read more about the Infosys Certification in our FAQs section here.