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Colin Lees

Colin Lees

Chief Technology and Information Officer, Openreach

Colin was appointed as Openreach’s Chief Technology and Information Officer in June 2018. He’s working to define and implement the future technology strategy for our products within the UK.

Before Openreach

Colin joined us from BT Business and Public Sector where he was CTIO, driving technology transformation and enabling the launch of new products and platforms. He has 20 years experience in the telecommunications industry and has held a variety of senior roles in both the IT and Network domains.

Colin joined the software engineering division of BT in 2001. There he worked on the BT Yahoo systems developing experience across the engineering lifecycle, applying agile development techniques and leading large software development teams. He’s continued to apply the same engineering skills and disciplines to the design and launch of new BT voice services as they’ve evolved from network to software based solutions.

An engineer at heart, Colin enjoys nothing more than seeing people using and enjoying the solutions he’s built – something he has a lot of opportunity to do in his current role as CTIO.


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