Client Speaker

Dr. Jorg Muller

Dr. Jörg Müller

CIO, Atradius Insurance

Since 2006 Jörg has been CIO of Atradius, a world leading credit insurance group, and he is responsible for all global IT services & operations, digital innovation and business transformation programmes.

Under Jörg’s stewardship, Atradius consolidated and highly automated all worldwide insurance and service businesses under one platform and decommissioned all local legacy estates. Atradius leads the market with its award winning analytics platform Insights, using big data and AI. A platform which has since been extended with the launch of the Atrium Portal; an important milestone in improving customer experience, delivering secure real-time access to credit insurance, collections and risk management services in 54 countries.

Jörg is married with 4 children, has a black belt in Judo and in his spare free time he enjoys riding his motorbike.

Jörg holds a PhD in Computer and Information Sciences, an MBA from the University of Göttingen and is member of the supervisory board of Graydon and member of the CIO academy of Said Business School in Oxford.


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