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Lorraine Tournyol-Du Clos

Lorraine Tournyol-Du Clos

Director, Deloitte Digital

Lorraine Tournyol du Clos has recently joined Deloitte Digital as a Director. She has a PhD in economics and she is an expert in security (safety) and digital transformation.

She worked for fifteen years at the French administration (2003-2018), initially for the Ministry of the Interior, then for the President of the Republic and, at subsequently, the Ministry of National Defence.

For six years, at the Ministry of the Interior, she started with structuring and exploiting the then very new databases for crime and security information and with analyzing such information to guide public security policies.

Then, she joined the world of intelligence, for the President of the Republic, in the National Coordination of the Intelligence Services. There, she faced the problems of the rise of big data in French intelligence and the challenges of data sharing between several agencies.

Finally, she was appointed director of strategy for an agency of the Ministry of National Defence. She addressed the issues of the massification of multi-domain data and, to achieve this digital transformation, she undertook a three years program to transform the entire agency (organization, processes, tools and staff training).


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