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Mark Degraef

Mark Degraef

Business Innovation & Development Manager, Proximus

Mark is the Lead for innovation partnerships for Proximus within the Technology Strategy and Innovation department. He is responsible for the implementation and management of innovation partnerships with a strong focus on 5G, 5G eco-systems and cyber security. Before this role he spent 5 years in procurement leading the agile sourcing of major IT transformation projects (>150k man-days).

Mark has over 20 years’ experience in roles spanning strategy, change, sourcing, procurement, automation and engineering. He joined Proximus in 2011 from KBC Group, where was Global Head of sourcing processes. During this time he led the procurement business through the divestments caused by Banking Crisis and consequent contracts unwinding.

Prior to KBC Group, Mark spent time at Accenture in various roles delivering large transformation projects in Strategy, Supply Chain and Strategic Sourcing. With a particular expertise in cost domination and sourcing.

Before moving into consulting, Mark worked for Fabricom, ABB and DHL.

Mark holds multiple degrees in IT Strategy, Industrial Management, Mechanics and Electronics, obtained from Belgian universities.


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