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Deepak Padaki

Deepak Padaki

Executive Vice President, Group Head – Strategy, M&A and Chief Risk Officer, Infosys

Deepak is Executive Vice President, Group Head – Strategy, M&A & Chief Risk Officer at Infosys Limited. His responsibilities include longer-term strategic planning for the organization and the management of cross functional strategic initiatives. As the Chief Risk Officer, he is responsible for defining the company’s risk management framework, identifying and monitoring the risks to the successful execution of the company’s strategies and operations. He works closely with the Strategy & Risk Committee of the Board of Directors. Deepak also heads the company’s M&A function, defining areas of inorganic growth, leading transaction, due-diligence post-merger integration teams. He is a member of the board of Infosys’ subsidiaries Edgeverve Limited and Panaya Inc.

Deepak has played various roles at Infosys, in a career spanning 25 years. He started as a software engineer in 1992, and then went on to manage various telecommunications projects in the USA and Canada, including those involving next generation technologies such as speech recognition based solutions. In 2003-2004, he planned and helped Infosys’ telecommunications business grow in Europe, opening and growing several key client accounts. Subsequently, he managed and grew one of Infosys’ largest telecom service provider client accounts in the USA. As the head of the company’s M&A function he led multiple transactions, including the acquisition of a large European consulting company, a North American insurance software platform company, an Australian consulting company and a UK based design-services company. As a member of the Office of the Chairman in 2013-14,Deepak managed several organization change initiatives, especially in the area of improving effectiveness of sales teams.

Deepak has been a speaker at several industry events on M&A and Enterprise Risk Management,including the India-US Forum 2017 organized by the Ministry of External Affairs, the Economic Times M&A Summit 2017, CFO India Conference on Risk Management 2017, Roundtable of India Chief Risk Officers 2017, World Economic Forum Chief Strategy Officers Meeting 2016, the India National HRD conference 2000. He has also spoken extensively on the topic of Mobility & Internet at conferences in Mumbai, Munich, Vienna and New Delhi.

Deepak holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Science from the University of Mysore,India. He is currently based in Bangalore, India.


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