Transforming the Workforce from Presence, Not Productivity to Flexibility

Enterprises that want to make digital transformation a reality must start by transforming the workforce. This means infusing new skills and mindsets across functions to achieve and maintain competitive advantage in the digital business era. A panel moderated by John Romano, Chief Product Officer, Saisei Networks, included industry experts and academic stalwarts who shared their experiences on the vital aspects of bringing a workforce up to speed with the digital age. The panellists included Edwin Shaw, CIO, Ausgrid, Doron Ben-Meir, VP Enterprise, University of Melbourne, Susan Doniz, CIO at Quantas Group and Mark Evans, MD of Transaction banking, ANZ.


Key Takeaways

Modifying mindsets is a challenge-

Modifying mindsets is a challenge

Legacy thinking is a bigger challenge than legacy systems. Gen Zers want to work flexibly and think diversely. Our leaders need to be open and curious to build the workforce of the future.

Employee engagement isn't an option-

Employee engagement isn't an option

The current generation seeks purpose, not just a paycheck. A model where employees don’t feel like they receive the opportunities they need to meet their aspirations is bound to fail.

Prioritize employee experiences-

Prioritize employee experiences

Employees support the customers and unless they are given the data and tools that enable them to do their best, we are not going to be able to deliver a good customer experience

Walk the talk-

Walk the talk

Don't lead by words but rather by example. Employees are inspired by the actions of those they respect and are more likely to be persuaded by leaders that practice what they preach.