Amplifying the Future by Amy Allerton

Amy Allerton harmoniously melded her skill in digital communications design and art to offer a modern take on Aboriginal storytelling through digital art. This piece of art aligns with the Infosys purpose of amplifying human potential using technology. By showcasing the synergy between technology and art, it brings the theme of Being AI-first to life in a unique and creative way. It's a testament to the power of technology in enhancing and evolving traditional forms of expression.

About the Art

The past, present and future flow through time along the foundations laid out by the Creator Spirit (Rainbow Serpent).Throughout eras and moments in time, the Rainbow Serpent sheds its skin over and over again, each time revealing a new dawn of change reflected upon its skin. Yet through every change, challenge, loss and struggle brought on by the decisions and consequences of time, we survive, adapt, grow and rebuild, shedding the old to create something new. And as we create the new, we work together to one day find ourselves in a future that is vibrant and expansive; a strong future where culture is alive, shared and preserved; a resilient future where communities are thriving, supported and empowered; a united future where we walk together in truth, trust and respect; an AMPLIFIED future.

About the Artist

Amy is the founder and Director of Indigico Creative and a proud Gumbaynggirr and Bundjalung woman. She is an accomplished digital artist and graphic designer who collaborates with businesses and partners with communities Australia-wide to creatively communicate the stories that bring us together. For more information about her work visit

Download the Exclusive Art Piece Here