Beyond the Spotlight: The Making of a Champion

Nick Kyrgios

Can you release the grip of coaches, playbooks, and the weight of expectations, to coach yourself towards greatness?

Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios answers this and more in a candid conversation at Infosys Confluence. From exploring the impact of technology on game strategy to contemplating the origins of legends, Kyrgios’ unconventional wisdom shines through in this session that shows us why he is winning hearts in his new role as a commentator.


Key Takeaways

Deeper Than the Surface

Deeper Than the Surface

Behind the champions and their trophies is the relentless grind to become the best. Leaders peel back the curtain, revealing the hidden struggles that fuel every point and every champion's rise.

Consistency Conquers Challenges

Consistency Conquers Challenges

When everything is going well, it is easy to keep doing what you’re doing. But what do you do when you fall? You get up and keep going until you reach the next high because you will get there, unless you give up.

Discover Your Why

Champions Don’t Fear Losses

When there’s 50 tournaments a year and double the competitors, you’re going to lose many more times than you win. But all it takes is a great run over a couple of weeks to change the game and reign champion.

Data Empowers Intuition

The Spotlight Has Its Shadows

In the spotlight, there's intense scrutiny and the weight of expectations. Yet within lies a powerful platform. Showing vulnerability inspires others, reminding them that champions face challenges, needing courage and support.