Mohit JoshiPresident
Mohit JoshiPresident

It’s no longer business as usual for our clients. In a digitally disrupted world, it’s essential that businesses commit to nurturing new ways of working so that they can establish a foothold in a rapidly changing landscape. It is the technology and the mindset that together make for a winning combination. The unique opportunity before us, then, is to steer our clients through their transformation. To convincingly make the ‘navigate your next’ promise to them, and to keep it.

That’s why, this year, we accelerated investments in amplifying our brand and building perception around how we help our clients nurture new digital capabilities. We also focused on making Infosys an attractive employer brand in our key markets where we are fast-tracking hiring from in-market talent pools to serve our clients’ digital agenda.

Today, we are also widely refactoring our own talent in areas like AI‑led analytics, digital experience, and cyber security. This includes creating on-demand avenues for our salesforce to participate in the learning, so they are well-prepared to reset our clients’ path to change at scale. They are now fully equipped to share the value of the industry‑specific digital solution stacks, that we’ve built, with our clients. Our design studios and innovation labs furnish them with the ‘show and tell’ aids they need to demonstrate proof-of-value.

We continue to mine for and grow business in our large accounts, by creating the right ‘flying formation’ of experts including specialists from our vibrant partner ecosystem. Conducting Design Thinking workshops, finding new ways to deal with sticky old problems, and setting up client-specific training academies are integral to this process. Large deals too are a well-oiled growth engine as we invest energies in building a robust pipeline on one end, while improving the win rate on the other. Not unlike every year, we have added significantly to the very impressive roster of clients we already have. This year, the number stands at 283 additional names. We’re also focused on expanding our footprint and are making investments in new geographies and in underpenetrated subverticals.

To us, this progress we’ve made, resonates with our aspiration to partner with our clients not merely to help them respond to the challenges of a changing reality, but to pave their way to a sustainable digital future.