Innovation, from the heart

When you think of innovation, what comes to your mind? The latest smartphone? An intelligent speaker that you can summon to switch on a light bulb? A self-driving car? We often associate innovation with sophisticated labs, startup huddle rooms or educated individuals. But can innovation also happen far away from our cities, with little or no equipment, by an ordinary person with limited education but with a brilliant and empathetic mind looking to solve a real problem?

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Exclusive Podcast with Mrs. Sudha Murty




Aarohan Social Innovation Awards will recognize and reward social innovations in the following categories:


Judging criteria

A qualified panel of judges will evaluate all eligible entries based on the following criteria:

Application to a real world problem or need  
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Innovative use of technology  
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Originality of idea and ease of use  
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Quality of submission  
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A qualified panel of judges will judge all eligible entries based on the judging criteria specified above. The highest scoring entries will advance to the Final Round. The finalists (entrant or team representative) will be notified via email, according to the information provided with their entry.

Important dates

Contest opens for nominations


Contest ends