In today’s digital world, enterprises must be willing to rapidly transform themselves to meet customer expectations or risk having their customers wooed away by younger, nimbler, digital-born rivals. For most established companies, the toughest struggle is with their monolithic legacy systems that can’t pivot fast enough to support their aspirations. However, the fear of disrupting these systems, which serve as the foundation for several business-critical functions, makes it hard for enterprises to consider altering or revamping them, trapping enterprises in a vicious cycle. It is possible to break this cycle by undertaking the journey to organizational modernization and enterprise agility. Executed through a combination of core renewals that create efficiency-led savings, legacy landscape renewal needs to be based on carefully chosen business priorities.

Moving to the cloud, which still holds enormous untapped potential for enterprises, can be a valuable part of this journey of renewal and regrowth. This is an ideal time for most enterprises to start their own journey to the cloud, boosted by proven technologies and solutions that mitigate the perceived risks of cloud transformation.

Modernization should not be limited to systems, it should extend to people, processes, and the corporate leadership’s thought process. It is only by making these necessary agile shifts through changing times – continuously digitizing the enterprise core and amplifying customer experience- that enterprises can remain relevant, survive, and indeed, thrive.


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